Security begins with understanding problems and solutions from an adversary’s perspective.

, an interdisciplinary, personal approach to security assessments, enables WMR to do this for our clients. helps us avoid the methodological shortcomings that often plague assessments of human security threats (mirror-imaging, cultural bias, groupthink, etc.) while opening new lines of inquiry for our clients. helps us understand the world through our adversaries’ eyes, not our biases.

Using the approach, WMR assists our clients by:

  • Monitoring the intentions of non-state threats towards plans, programs and assets
  • Conducting tailored, expert threat assessments indirectly vetted by the threat
  • Offering decision-making support to minimize adversaries’ interest in a firm or brand
  • Probing physical and virtual vulnerabilities using research-based methods reflecting the actual threat to improve security posture
  • Training security personnel to identify, anticipate and thwart threats
  • Enabling insurance providers to more accurately evaluate human security risks

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