Nate Barr

Nathaniel Barr is the Chief Operating Officer at White Mountain Research. He specializes in the study of salafi jihadist groups and other violent non-state actors operating in North Africa, the Sahel and East Africa.

He has conducted briefings for the State Department, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), JIEDDO and other government agencies, and has written extensively on issues relating to jihadist groups in mainstream publications such as Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy and The Daily Beast. He has also conducted and managed field research in Kenya and the Levant.

In addition to his research activities, Barr has also managed humanitarian programs involving refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in the Levant region. In this role, he has facilitated the resettlement of refugees to third countries, participated in security vetting, provided support to vulnerable families, and conducted needs assessments of at-risk communities.

Barr also serves as a consultant to Valens Global, a D.C.-based firm that focuses on the global challenges posed by violent non-state actors. He received a degree in politics from Brandeis University. 


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